Sometimes, entirely unexpectedly, someone new turns up in your life and you know during that first encounter that something important just shifted; that nothing is ever going to be quite the same. Amsterdam for me was one of those places that I have always loved and felt a strong connection to the city. The beautiful architecture mixed with a serious party scene of travellers.. You are bound to meet people here that you won't forget and make memories here that won't be forgotten.

I'd travelled from New York back to London for 2 nights before flying to Amsterdam to meet some old friends from Australia. We had a flat next to Vondel park for 5 days. Majority of my time was spent roaming the city, city at cafés, having a day out at the Amsterdam Zoo, enjoying Dutch chips with mayonnaise and ketchup, dodging being run over by bikes and people watching. It is and was a beautiful city to return to and it was about time I did. I met up with my friend ryan who is still working at the Belushi bar under the saint Christopher's hostel where I stayed on my last visit. A bunch of déjà vou was experienced. I was spoiled on drinks and company and had the best days and nights of my life. I got to follow a pub crawl with Ryan which ended a bit messy through no.129 where we had shots, cuban runners all on the house! The night got a bit weird but the most I have laughed on my whole trip at a club called chupitos where crazy shots were had, I tried a chemistry and even a cocktail named georgia!

I made new friends and became a lot closer to old friends. I even happened to convince someone from catching there flight to stay another day, we road on canal boats and I fell even more I'm love with this city and the people in it..

I wish I could of stayed longer or just really stayed..  But it was time to move forward to get to my destination. I told myself I wouldn't get caught up, but this time was hard.. I could of seem my self staying in this city.. Could of seen a lot planned out and working in Amsterdam, but not now. So it was time to leave again. Sad temporary goodbyes were had and I made my way to the train station to get myself to Paris.