Paris, 'the city of love' although being a single lady and feeling sick as a dog love was the last thing on my mind at this point... Paris is a beautiful city, the women and men know how to dress and the food and language is one of Paris's many aspects that caught my eye and made me fall in love with this city. Paris for me was the the type of city I could happily walk around in by myself for days. The smell of fresh bread in the morning and the sound of french music by the notre damn is something I will never forget.

I caught a train to Paris for €30 through Thaly's which was a great train trip down south. I then caught a taxi to the plugg-inn hostel for almost the same price as the taxi. I met up with my Aussie mates at our room and instantly felt sorry for my guy friends.. I'm a small lady a tiny 5'2 so for me sleeping comes easy in a small bed, the French are renown for their small beds and poor Alex had trouble fitting on the bed.. Oh well that's hostel life for you! The next day I woke up feeling terrible, I was sick and it had come at the worst time. I skipped Disney land with my friends and decided to have a day on my own. Despite feeling like absolute death I had a wonderful day. I started my day walking to the local bakery and engulfed in a un pan chocolate with a cafe latte! Soon after I met up with my friend Adrian who flew in from London and we had a lovely day walking through Paris and getting to know people on crowded streets and not wasting time by actually being around people with the same interests. The evening was spent drinking French wine, seeing the Louvre at night and eating some wonderful food.. Everything was pretty wonderful here in Paris.  The next few days were quite similar I read my book, I took in my surrounds and made my way up to the Sacre-Coeur a few times which was a small walk from my hostel. The view from the Sacre-Coeur is one of my favorites of all of Europe. It is a must see and I must of sat here day dreaming for the next hour of my day of how I can see my life turning up.. You know the whole boom travel forever, get paid nicely, fall in love, have a couple of babies with a nice man and live happily ever after in a small town with a nice house, a big garden, the whole white fence thing.. Yeah all this and I'm sitting on top of Paris. Haha I guess that's what traveling does to you though, It makes you day dream and put scary exciting scenarios in your head. It puts life in perspective and makes you realize that money really doesn't matter. It makes you realize what makes you happy, it gets you to cut the bullshit out of your life and dare to dream and be spontaneous. I get to meet amazing new people everyday that continue to inspire me. This is why I do it. This is why today I am extremely content and smiling. I'm ecstatic and I know the future is bright.


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