6 months on

And one thing that has really struck me about the past 6 months is how this journey has evolved in to something far more than it was when I began. One thing to note is no no my journey isn't over. I still continue to get emails asking how I am adjusting to 'stopping', to 'being back where I started', to 'not traveling'..  But you guys are missing the point in a way, I haven't stopped, I'm on a constant journey and so are you.

When I quit my job, it was simply to find something I loved. I wanted meaning and purpose in my life and knew that my 9-5 in the financial sector was never going to give me that.

But what’s become evident to me over the past 6 months is that actually, finding work I love to do is a very small part of the puzzle when it comes to finding purpose and happiness in my life.

I was constantly and desperately searching for ‘that job’ or 'that something' that was going to make me happy. Once I found that, everything would be ok, I was certain.  But like with everything else in life, I’ve come to realise that there is nothing external that creates true, unwavering happiness. That comes entirely from within. It comes first from a state of being, not a state of doing.

It makes sense then that so many of us remain in work or a relationship that doesn’t bring us fulfilment or joy. Because deciding to look within is so much harder than looking outward. Facing our true nature is perhaps one of the scariest things we can ever do. It requires the courage to admit things about ourselves that we’d perhaps prefer to ignore.

This journey of delving into myself took me first to some very difficult places: I had to come face to face with my selfish side, my stubborn nature, I have had to let go of memories and accept things I never wanted to. But I have.. I also acknowledged the good stuff: empathy, kindness, drive and positivity.

Facing these things has brought me to a new place. The next level of the game. The place where I’m aware enough of myself to start changing the things I don’t like so much and cultivating the parts I do. It's 2014 now and I've never really believed we need a day for change. I want to continue where I am, help others more and just live. Make new experiences and take those plunges, those chances but most of all to say things that matter. Know what matters..

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