My first post! How exciting!

I guess I should start with the basic facts about me. I have lived in London for the last year and a half since buying a one way ticket from Sydney/Australia. My life whilst being here has been a roller coaster, I have travelled Europe, fallen in love, been crushed, come back out of it 'ok', landed an amazing job, had countless incredible moments, met the most interesting people and simply put I have made a home in this beautiful city.


London what a city?! I took these photos about 6 months ago when I was with my ex boyfriend. I remember thinking how lucky I was to be able to have a frame of mind where I can change what I want, I can get on a plane tomorrow and move cities if I want to. I walk across this bridge mostly people watching every day to get to work and home.

People say a lot about different cities, especially London.. One thing is for sure, this place makes the people. It changes people and it has changed me in countless ways..

(photos off Waterloo bridge)