Standing still

I have always felt the need to keep moving, to find something that excites me. I guess you could say I get bored easily, I crave change. For the last few years the idea of University has scared me.. It's the idea of being locked into something for 3 years that I don't like at all. But after a bit of research I have a plan.. A new plan..

Before I left for London I applied for a couple of universities, RMIT in Melbourne and Wollongong university both studying visual communication. I got a place for both. After living in London for nearly 2 years I decided that uni is the way to go. I don't want to work in an office at a financial firm for the rest of my life. If anything I want to design and inspire people.

So here it is, I applied again and I got into both! It turns out that RMIT and Wollongong both offer exceptional student exchange programs. This brings me to where I am currently..

Soon I will be travelling around America and Canada but for a maximum of 3 months in America (before my visa expires). In a way I think this is a good thing. I need some down time, I need to spend time with my beautiful sister, my mum, my friends, drink decent coffee.. Be where I have spent my life and relax.  I guess I'll start university in February at either RMIT or Wollongong. I'll study for a bit and then comes the part that I love.. I'll apply for student exchange. I'll probably go back to the states and live/study for a year! I can hardly wait. The thought of this makes me incredibly happy. I don't need to stand still, I can still move around, travel, live.