Afternoon in the sun doing tests with Kristine

It’s almost summer and I can feel it in the air, from my surroundings. This weekend was spent with two glorious days in blue skies and acceptable May time temperatures. Bravo Britain, bravo.  

I have been tired, overworked and unsure of my next big steps. A few weeks a go I worked with Kristine who suggested we work outside 'with nature'. I am happiest outside especially working with creative people such as the lovely Kristine Petersone, an extremely talented young lady who I had the pleasure to work with.

e shared contact and debated about where to do this shoot as the weather was starting to heat up (and you know that doesn't last long in London) We decided we both wanted to do something different/unique and different to the 'ordinary' portrait. I love that about her work, her work is more natural. She doesn't like her 'model' to pose which is refreshing..  I've done shoots inside in studios and I don't feel as comfortable as I do when I'm outside, being well 'me'. It's really great to find someone to work with that you can really be yourself with, someone that inspires you, that you knock off ideas with and vice versa. 

Well, in the end myself and Kristine got down to hyde park for that 'golden hour', we played around with the light to make sure we got the best of it in the last hour of its best and I think we did pretty well..

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