Day in Brighton

It's funny how a place can feel very much like home even though you've only been there a hand full of times.. Brighton has always felt that way. Maybe it's the ocean I crave? I mean I have always grown up by the seaside.. Nostalgia was much felt yesterday. I've always felt a great sense of calm and excitement down here. 

I met Elsa and Krissy on the train from London and it took us an hour to get to this beautiful place. An hour out of London and I felt like I had seriously stepped out of England either back in Australia in Byron bay or to somewhere more 'exotic'? This was just what I needed. A little break from the big smoke..

We wondered around the markets and of course I had to get a coffee @ 33 on Trafalgar street (If you are a coffee lover, this is the place).  It has a  great decor and a very chilled environment. It has a Handy location near the station at top end of North Lane. If you know to take the secret route from outside the station under the bridge rather than heading from the beach this is probably a better option! 

Soon after it was time to hit the shops and grab some beers and sit on the beach with our deck chairs.. What a day! We went up the pier, under the pier, ran around the beach. Met up with an old friend who took us on some rides.. As the evening hit we watched the sun set with our last drink and wondered back to the station to head home.

Brighton is the place to be.

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