Brighton Bound

I spent my Saturday with my beautiful friend Jessica. It was a day of being spontaneous. We got up and needed a break from the big smoke so we got on a train and headed South to Brighton Pier. It was far from being the 'best' day for it.. (It was so windy that my tiny self almost got thrown off the pier. Oh the joys of being small.. ) It was raining on and off all day and it was cold. None of this mattered, we spent most of our time running around on the pebbles on the seaside, chasing birds and wandering up the pier. I met up with my old friend from Sydney Jarrod and we explored some more before heading back to London.

Brighton is a lovely place no matter what the weather is like, there are markets and lanes that go for days. It's one of my favourite places in the world. It's strange though that I was sitting on the beach looking out at the waves and I felt so so nostalgic. A lot of my childhood was spent by the seaside. My mum is a beach maniac and majority of weekends, week day afternoons and the odd day off school were spent on the beach.. My dad lived a short drive from Cronulla beach and a lot of afternoons after school was spent having a coffee at Grind and going for a walk along the promenade taking for granted the turquoise ocean and steady sunshine. It's funny, growing up I hated the beach. Being a natural red head I burn easily and am covered in freckles. I used to hate my fair complexion and for this I hated the beach.. Although years later I grew to love and appreciate it.  Now an adult I miss the ocean, the beach, the smells.... Being so far away from home is a hard at the best of times.. It's funny how little things bring back that great feeling of Nostalgia. Missing things are nice sometimes though, you don't realize what you love until you don't have it. It's about the small things. Appreciation.

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