2 days

My weekend was lovely. Summed up! SUMMER IS HERE! Yes that's right this weekend got up to 20 degrees Celsius. Woo hoo! London you did me proud. My weekend was basically catching up with old friends, pimms o'clock, football, picnics, markets and really just being me for the weekend. 

I got to catch up with Joe from Transit one last time before they left to go back to the states last week. Joe put me on their guest list and we all went out for some Wagamamas before the show. His first time! It was a great show and it was nice to catch up after a year. 

photo 2.JPG

Soon after I was back to Camden Underworld for yet another night of catch ups and sweet hangs. Tonight was Polar bear club and Me vs Hero. I am sitting here smiling and giggling to myself what a funny night... It was great to see these guys and hang out with Georgia Rawson (fantastic band photographer, check her out). I guess everyone got a bit bored in between sets and thought it would be funny to try and fit me in the fridge.

So there you go photo proof I was pushed into the fridge.. Thanks guys.

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photo 3.JPG

Sunday was spent with my lovely friends at borough markets eating wonderful food, people watching and taking in the sun. We ended up at a park to have a picnic and play football.. As it got a bit later I ended up in Dalston to hang out with Jess, a few of the Heroes for Hire boys, Adrian Kelly and Kyle from Fire works.. (of course I racked his brain on more American must dos for my trip!)

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It's lovely to have friends like this.. The type of people that I could basically sit in a plain white room with and not be bored. This weekend was just what I needed.

I’d had such an amazing time I beamed to myself. I was just happy to have found new friends on my wave length. Jumping on the train home, I sat back to reminisce. The sooner next Friday would come, the better…