A day on the Heath

Last Saturday was spent at Hampstead Heath with some old faces ready for an adventure on the Heath. You know how you have those types of friends where you can not see them for months on end and then see them and still act like it was only last week you saw them. Well that's these two. I met Dan and Al last year and I can't think of one day/evening that we have spent together where I haven't ended up in fits of laughter. 

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London for the past week has been in a sort of 'heat wave'. Saturday London peaked 25 degrees Celsius and  we decided it was time to go for a picnic and go for a swim! Hampstead heath has mixed pools where a lot of locals go for a swim. Unfortunately you are meant to pay £2... To swim... I know I know.  Anyway this place is great when it's hot for a nice cool down and a little bit of sneaky people watching.

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