Live your life- Toronto part 2

‎live your life in a way that will have you jealous for those moments once they pass.

i say that. hope that for my life. said it on my second and last nights in Toronto walking up Toronto island and pool hopping under the moon, interesting people, lovers everywhere, I stopped to listen to a man play the saxophone after one of the best dinner experiences i’ve had at sneaky dees for some pretty out of this world nachos before heading off to a bar with some friends. People here are lovely. We went pool hopping at 3am after saying yes to Ian on this proposition (before I left I vowed to say yes more-leading to embracing spontaneity) laughing and joking the next night was spent by a bon fire on Toronto island. i know these will be one of those moments i’m jealous for later. and it already is.

I was reminded in Toronto how wonderful street shooting is. nothing posed about it. something about catching a moment in real time, just because you were there, watching…. Toronto for me has been all about taking in my surroundings, stopping.  We came to the end of the Island that led me feeling like I was completely alone and it felt great, we made a bon fire and took in the night.

Toronto has slowed me down in a good way, it has made me to stop and relax. I am only a few days into my huge trip and I already feel different somehow.. More alive... More like the me I know..

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