Escaping to France for the weekend

The last weekend was spent in France (Montreuil-sur mer to be exact!). My dad and me decided to go on a bit of a family trip together to spend some time together. It was lovely!

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Our trip started on the underground tunnel to France where we drove to Montreuil Sur Mer, the drive was stunning. Every few miles I screamed "stop", I needed to get my photo fix in. The colours in France are so green and fresh. Montreuil Sur Mer is a quaint little town that is quite the picture with its beautiful churches and old houses. The first day we walked around the ramparts exploring the outside of the town which turned into cobbled streets leading to a good selection of restaurants and bars. We stumbled upon a quaint little bar and sat down for a glass of wine whilst talking logistics of travelling around America.. To my surprise we happened to be sitting next to a man from Texas who was travelling around Europe! 

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The following day was started with a Pain au Chocolat (chocolate Croissant) stick of bread and some fig jam! Oh la la! I could of got used to this... We ventured to Calais another little beach town on the coast of France where we stopped along the way weaving in and out of the country side and ended up at Europe's largest Aquarium.. I loved it. I have always been an animal lover and the ocean is something I have always loved so I was very much in my element. On the downside my Dad somehow managed to get his phone stolen from his pocket so it was bye bye iphone which put a bit of a downer on the day!  On the way back to Montreuil Sur Mer we stumbled across one of a few large cemeteries with people buried from WW1, usually this wouldn't of interested me but my great grandfather was here somewhere... It was quite emotional walking through this beautifully kept grave yard, these men were so young mostly my age and younger which was quite an eye opener when you saw all the names and stones.. 

On our last day we headed down to La Touquet after I directed us about an hour in the wrong direction.. Whoops... For once I had a different lunch as most days were spent eating  Moules marinière (mussels).  I can't remember where we ate dinner exactly but if you head down the main street there's a lovely white coloured restaurant on the right of the road.. The food was lovely! Make sure if you make it down here ever that you have a walk down onto the beach.

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