Off the beaten track Dorset

My weekend was spent with constant driving, traffic that didn't seem to move and some extraordinary scenery in the south of England. 

There's no better way to get to know a country than to use your own car (or rent a car) and drive through it. And that's exactly what happened on my second last weekend in England before I embark on my travels.. Again. Having your own car gives you the freedom to pull over every 10 minutes for a photo, to pet horses, to climb hills and touch the freezing water, to see an incredible mountain range, to see another wild horse, and to spend the night where ever you feel like taking a break.

My Aunty lives in Salisbury about 2 hours south west of London. She lives down the road from stone henge in a lovely cottage next to a field of corn. My seven year old cousin was there as well. It's funny how quickly kids grow up! I instantly felt guilty for not spending more time with him when we reconnected.

After this a drive further south was decided. We came to a small town another 2/3 hours south called West Lulworth a beautiful seaside town tucked away on the coast. If you get a chance walk along the heads and go visit Durdle Door a beautiful arch in the ocea


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