Moving to London, a 'sort of' guide

Moving to London and living away from home for the first time in my life was a daunting but exciting experience... I have received a few emails about how I did it and tips on numerous things so here is a little post to help you through it! 

1. Save save save.

when I arrived in London 2 years ago I was lucky in that I had family I could stay with whilst I sorted myself out. I hadn't saved a large amount of money and I sure wasn't prepared for what needed to be sorted... I hope this post can help you!  

2. Accommodation In London

If your lucky you can find accomodation in London fairly quickly, it all depends in where you want to live. If I could start over I would of tried to find a place to rent in east london as it's quite 'trendy', cheap and is quite central to my work and other places I like to visit.

Some friends of mine had no problems sorting out a place to live. My friend Simone was lucky and found a place to work and live in the same day, a live in pub job! I found the best way to get a place to stay was either via friends, work colleagues or applying like many others on spare room or gumtree.

Public Transport in London

It's expensive... What a lot of people don't realize when they first get here is how easy it is to walk from place to place. If you live in central London invest in a bike! I use an an Oyster Card which is the cheapest way to commute in London and it saves you lining up at the ticket machines during peak hour. I also use an app on my iphone called citymapper that will tell me the cheapest and quickest way to my destination.

Mobile Phones 

The most important thing for me was data when I wanted to get a phone plan/tariff. I chose to go on a month to month plan with 3 that gives me unlimited data, more calls and texts that I get through and pretty sufficient service all around England. It costs £18 a month.

Seeing A Doctor In The UK

A lot of my friends from other countries who I have met have been quite clueless with the doctors... But here it is If you are living in the UK on a visa then you are entitled to free NHS healthcare. I have an English passport and registering for a doctors was relatively easy and pain free...

Getting A Bank Account and National Insurance Number

For me getting a national insurance number was a hard process as I was born here in London but left when I was 2.. The security questions were endless! My suggestion get one of these as soon as you can as you will need one to work! 

For Bank accounts I chose barclays (this was mostly because it was the closest bank when I went bank hunting) I don't pay a bank fee and I got to personalize my bank card. Win win really.

If you have any more questions leave a comment below and I'll get back to you.