Michigan bound

One of the best things about road trips and traveling with no real commitments are the unexpected stops and the people we meet along the way. On my train down to Windsor from Toronto I met a lovely guy called Charles who told me all the go to places.. A few days later we met in a pretty snazzy bar in Ann Arbor with his friends and Allie. A day later myself and Allie drove a couple of hours away towards a great lake..

 I  wasn't expecting to drive through grand rapids to meet the CEO of VSCO cam at MADCAP Coffee shop with Allie (who amazingly put me up and welcomed me into her family for my Michigan part of my trip) but that's exactly what happened. We decided it would be appropriate to meet a few other photographers and brain storm before the event, take photos and basically have a beautiful day/evening stopping on the way for some American food and the usual selfies!

We weren't the only ones at the meet, but the people that did turn up were like minded lovely creative people that I am now happy to call my new friends. Joel, the owner/CEO, taught us a lot about their creative direction and what they wanted to create as a company as a whole through VSCO. I got the pleasure to meet him and talk to him about my trip around America. It was an exciting day especially for me, everything is new and exciting!

After the day was spent having free coffee, taking photos and talking creative nonsense we all drove down to one of the great lakes for a bit of an impromptu photo shoot. Michigan is a beautiful place, I couldn't remember the last time I laughed so much. Driving in that car with Allie, roaming the pier and taking photos... Bliss.. What a day...  

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