Boston-2 nights of a blur

I was lucky to meet up with two of my best girlfriends Kim and Deb from London in Boston. We stayed at a hostel called the HI. It was a lovely hostel that actually felt more like a hotel, it was amazingly well organized with brilliant facilities and staff working 24/7 that were extremely personable.  

Our first night was spent going out to a Japanese restaurant called Q near the hostel (amazing) and filling our table with sushi and Japanese wine. Next stop was a taxi to go out.. We ended up in the wrong end of Boston which was basically a bunch on Irish bars.. But soon enough we met new people and ended up at an all American bar which was quite the experience! What a night that was, so much so that most of the next day was spent recovering!

The next day I got to meet up with my friend Jade who picked me up slightly looking my worst and drove us to Seaport for a bloody mary, some hot chips and some time to catch up and roam a different side of Boston. Seaport is beautiful, if you don't mind the smell of fish it is a must. Get a lobster bread bowl and take in your surroundings. It's a must!

Later that day Jade drove me to a 'secret spot' it ended up being next to boston aquarium where there are about 7 seals swimming in an out door inclosure.. It was a sight! That evening my friend Joe met me for dinner where we went for Japanese and caught up on lost time. I met Joe about a year ago in London at a music festival, (check out his band Transit!) He took me to the Italian area in the North end of Boston where we went to Mike's Pastry shop and I have to admit it was the best pastry I have ever had! It is a world famous Pastry shop that will leave you drooling! It will be busy but don't be a jerk, but be assertive, keep moving forward, and make eye contact and you'll get served.

Then before I knew it my Boston leg of my trip was done and it was time to carry my bags to get the Amtrak train down to New York! Don't fly down, it's about 4 hours through beautiful towns, coastlines and just pure bliss. Take it in. I knew I had to by the time I had finished the cities I had... 

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