New York-the city that never sleeps

The great thing about New York, is that if you sit in one place long enough, the whole world comes to you.


I arrived in New York feeling like I had stepped into a movie, the yellow cabs, the strong accent, yes it was all here. My friend Carlos came and met me and we had a quick drink with the lovely Tanner before dropping my stuff off and heading out to a club to meet his friends as well as Kim and Deb who had made their way down south before me. New York bars are great. I had a lovely night dancing away, meeting people which ended with us all back at a pent house partying the night away until daylight came. The next few nights were very much the same... 

Days that followed were mental, if I wasn't trying a pizza slice as big as my face I was eating hot dogs on the lower side of New York at Los Perros Locos (best hot dog joint!) I can safely say I have never eaten so much food in my life. Hung over days were spent with alex collecting myself over mac and cheese whilst taking in my surroundings. I wish I could of stayed in New York longer...

New York is a beautiful city and if I could live there I definitely would, Dumbo/Brooklyn side of town was definitely my favorite place.. Drinking cocktails with alex and people watching with Carlos and his friends was just bliss.


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