Pittsburgh bound

I went to Pittsburgh not knowing what to expect.. I could write all night on this one but it's hard to know where to start as these 3 days became a blur very quickly. I sat on the megabus from detroit to pittsburgh for 7 and a half hours after a teary goodbye to Allie (it is a great cheap way to travel) getting off the bus waiting for Scott to pick me up I wasn't sure what this part of the trip would do to me/how I would see this city.

As we drove up to his home I was in awe of the beautiful scenery the way the skyline was in the middle of what seemed to be hills, we got to the top of Mount Washington and I was in love with the view, the city lights..  Scott is one of those people for me that I have always just clicked with, someone that you don't get bored of and can actually be completely honest and laugh at yourself around.

I felt at home here, I was the happiest I had been in quite a while driving around with Scott with the city lights to my left. Bbq's were had, bars were almost an every night occurrence with me ending up trying pumpkin beer (yum!) walks to secret view spots as well as a trip with his family to the Pittsburgh zoo where I made friends with a polar bear, eating a whole load more burgers and American food of course happened again. Then of course the blur of a few days came to an end and it was time to get on a plane to Boston.

The one thing that sucks about traveling that became especially apparent on this part of my trip is the people you meet, the people you spend time with and grow close to and the fact that you don't know when you'll see them again. It is the same with Toronto with old friends and it was the same with Allie in Michigan. My trip means I am in a place for such a small amount of time and then I leave and I move onto the next city, its exciting but it also sucks. As much as I love this spontaneous life style I now life, I hate it at times. But experiences happen and you're left with awesome memories that will never leave..

This city definitely won me over.. 

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