Instagram Direct

A huge part of my trip around the states I owe to Instagram, I would not of met or had the amazing experiences without this little app. I found out about secret beautful locations but most importantly I had the opportunity to meet so many amazingly creative wonderful people in this community.

One day I decided to throw an instameet in the bay area of San Francisco with help from my lovely friend Brock Sanders. It was a great success and I had a member of the community team named Jeffrey Gerson who works for instagram at my meet. Long story short Jeffrey gave me his card and after a few emails and particularly one interesting phone call where I was in Yosemite hiking next to a waterfall to find service I was asked if I would like to be involved in the new Instagram direct promo video with my friend Brock. I was ecstatic as you can imagine and filming commenced when I returned from Los Angeles.


We filmed at the mill in San Francisco (best coffee and 'hipster' toast in town) and after many angles, cups of coffee it was done. Me and Brock were then invited to check out the Instagram head office in the face book Head quarters which was an experience in its self. We met the amazing staff of Instagram and even got to see Mark Zuckerberg on our walk around the campus.

The opportunity Jeffrey Gerson got myself and Brock especially involved in is one that really has had a lot of positivity thrown my way, weather it's meeting more amazing people or just encouraging myself to take more photos.I have a lot to thank to him specially the endless help he still gives me now that I'm back in Australia. It's people like Jeffrey that are so helping and genuine that I am so glad our paths crossed and I can now call him my friend. I have endless thanks to the amazing instagram team and @sittingingodspalm (Joe), @sweatengine (Kevin), and @christmaselk. (Kristin) for continuing to being great friends and influences in my micro world of photography.

My life would not be the same as it is today. I would not look at a photo the same way without instragram. I stick by what I believe in that people make the photos we take, it's the people that make the memories. Instagram has and does bring these two things together in so so may ways.