The first day of my life

For the first time in about a year I feel like I am on the right track. I packed up my things in Sydney and drove down to Melbourne with the help from my Dad. I've got a new life here, a new home, I'm studying, I'm drawing, I'm running again and I'm seeing old friends and meeting new wonderful people. I feel Melbourne is the type of place that explodes with creativity. I like it, it reminds me of the artistic San Francisco with the calmness of Portland.

I've just completed my first week at university, I feel a bit out of my depth.. After being out of of schooling for so long it's a bit of a shock. I feel my skills are in photography and in design, if you put a camera in my hand and tell me what you want I can do it.. Put a pencil in my hand and I feel like I'm struggling.. I guess it's all practice? Nobody got anywhere with out practice right?  But it has made me doubt my choice of course, should I of studied photography? I don't think I should have.. I think if I want to I'll do a short course down the track.. It's hard when you think about the future and where you want to be career wise. Do I want to a photographer if so what kind? Or do I want to be a graphic designer? I just want to be happy. I don't know the answer for how or where that will be. I'm so used to moving around now it's weird staying still.

I've had friends over from the states as well for Soundwave last weekend which has been exciting, lots of partying and gigs.. I wish some places weren't so far away. I had a lot of fun catching up with Jono (guitarist from crosses) and many other friends, I made new ones! I got to meet the guys from the ghost inside and hang out. Such a nice bunch of guys.  it was an eventful weekend.. I even made a new friend who takes photos for A day to Remember through Joshua, he was pretty damn awesome. I danced and we chatted about life and things that matter. It was nice. Really nice. Sometimes I wish I had Adam Sandlers click remote.

I got to watch a couple of my favorite bands side of stage with an unlimited supply of Sailor Jerrys and got to meet some pretty cool cats. It's safe to say having an AAA pass meant I had the opportunity to find a quiet place and nap.. I was wiped out but it was all worth it.

My room is coming together, I have a desk, a bed, a plant and more paper and art supplys than I can count! I have an awesome bearded house mate and his sister see picture below. I even got together with my friend Jai who I met from instagram and got to shoot with him and play model for the day.

I have definitely made the right choice by moving here, it just feels right..