Cape Schanck

Today was the type of day that just makes you feel great about life. Myself, Jai and Jessie decided to go on an adventure today. I've known Jai since the start of the year and he's been one of my friends that I first had the pleasure to make when I moved down to Melbourne. Jessie contacted me a while ago on instagram asking to get coffee and talk photography. A couple of weeks later and I'm glad to call her a friend.

Today was a day of adventure, we started off in South Yarra and drove down to Cape Schanck to escape the hustle and bustle that is Melbourne City. It's such a beautiful environment, curling coasts and beautiful scenery everywhere. We explored the beach after walking down from the car park and got to snap a few shots. More days like this please. I'm definitely happiest surrounded by amazing creative people in a beautiful place and a camera in hand. What a brilliant end to a wonderful weekend.

jess and jai4342.jpg
jess and jai4297.jpg
jess and jai4441.jpg
jess and jai4545.jpg