London has been crazy. I have just arrived back in Sydney where I will be for the next day or two before heading to Queenstown in NZ.

I've been running around working on a project with LEVIS and VSCO whilst trying to catch up with my family, friends and well just relax.. Then it occurred to me I just need to go with everything and it will be fine and well I couldn't be happier.

I was lucky enough to have breakfast with a few of Instagrams own staff at Ozone coffee in my first week in London and on top of that met some amazing creatives. Later in the week I watched my grandfather turn 90 and got to catch up with some old friends and even drop into my old financial firm.

I could talk about all the amazing people I have spent time with and seen again but this post would go on and on. But one person I need to note is Dan, I count myself extremely lucky to cross paths with Dan Ruben, the last few weeks I have learned so much and have had the chance to call this one a new friend. Whether it's been running around on a hunt for decent coffee in london, taking photos, looking around markets, catching tubes and various buses, it has all been an adventure. There have been some pretty exciting office visits as well! Dan took me along to the european head office of Apple and I to him for Instagram in the facebook office.. We even got to go to Wimbledon and sit in a VIP marquee and then have centre court tickets for the finals where I got to spy Bradley Cooper and Bear Grills in the marquee along to ours. My life in London has been crazy.  These weeks have been wonderful.